Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Established in 2011, the Snake River Seniors Cup is designed to bring together senior golfers of Eastern Idaho for a day of competition and fun at various golf courses.  Seniors will be paired with other out of town seniors to develop a camaraderie for the game of golf.  The season begins in May and ends in September of Each year.


Any golfer 50 years of age is eligible.  Players must have a current or established handicap from either the Idaho Golf Association (GHIN), or from their local course. Players need to submit sign up form with contact information and birthday before starting first event.

Requirements for a Host Golf Course

1) Each course must be 18 holes
2) Pro-shop should be well stocked.
3) Have local members (4) that are willing to travel and participate at other course events.
4) Host Pro involvement with Snake River Seniors events.

Course Contact

Each course must have a designated contact on Mondays as most Pros are gone to Pro-Am tournaments. This person should be appointed at the first of the season. Upon appointment, each course Pro will contact the other Pro’s to share this information.


Format shall be Chicago with two (2) divisions,” Senior” and “Super Senior”.  The Senior division will start at age 50.  The Super Senior division will start at age 70 and above.  Players turning 70 before October shall move to Super Seniors division, forward tees, at the start of the year. If there are 20 or more players in any division, then additional flight(s) may be created. USGA rules apply.

Number of Members per Team – 2017 Addendum

Once a team reaches 15 players or more participating in any event, that team shall be divided into two (2) teams (Team A and Team B). After all participants have teed off, the host pro will conduct a blind draw to determine who will be assigned to each team, (Team A or Team B).
Team points will be awarded by taking the highest 4 scores from Team A or Team B to determine the best team score. (maximum number of players based on averages from “2018” Preston 8.0 – Blackfoot 10.6 – Idaho Falls 13.8 – Pocatello 28.4). This eliminates having to split up any city.


Foursomes should be limited to a minimum of two (2) players from the same city if possible. Also, there should be consideration to players with low handicaps and high handicaps. Perhaps a spread of no more than 6 – 10 handicap points should be followed if possible.

Fees & Prize Money

Starting in 2017, there will be an annual fee of $10.00 per player. Costs will cover our new web site. All tournament fees are $48.00 per player which includes, green fees, cart, and prize fund. A minimum of twenty dollars ($20.00) of each entry goes towards prize fund.

Closest to the Pin
Host club will donate $10.00 each in credit and will go towards the Closet to the Pin in each division. There will be a cap of no more than $10.00 for each prize.


Players will be assigned points based on their handicap using the Chicago system of 39 base points.  The minimum is ten (10) points.

The team scores consist of the best four (4) Chicago scores from each course, irrelevant of division.  Players must have played in three (3) events, of current year, to count towards the traveling trophy.  Players with less than three (3) events can still play for individual prize money only.

Team points distributed as follows:
1st Place = 5 points — 2nd Place = 4 points — 3rd Place = 3 points — 4th Place = 2 points — 5th Place = 1 point

If a course does not have at least four (4) players present, they will not score any team points for that day.  However, they will be eligible for the prize money.

Season Long Team Standings

The course that accumulates the most points combined for all seven (7) events will be declared the Champion for the season and will be in possession of the traveling Snake River Senior’s Cup trophy until the end of the next season.  As a bonus, teams will receive double points in the final event of the year.  In the event of a tie we will use the 5TH best Chicago score from each team and continue until the tie is broken.

Course Pro’s

Pro’s, or course contact, will collect all entry fees, dues and forward to the host golf course with a copy of entries sent to Glen Lattin by Tuesday, 3:00 pm Tuesday.  No entries will be accepted after that.  No exceptions. The host Pro will then prepare groups to facilitate their event. Players may call golf courses Tuesday after 3 pm for pairing information. Special requests will NOT be taken for parings. Requests may be made for players traveling together that they play reasonably close together.

Golf Courses

Pocatello — Highland — 237-9922 — Charles Clinton – cc1428@msn.com
Pocatello — Riverside – 232-9515 — Charles Clinton – cc1428@msn.com
Blackfoot — Municipal – 785-9960 — Chris Smith – blackfootgc@yahoo.com
Idaho Falls — Pinecrest – 612-8485 – 612-8113 — Tim Reinke – ifjrgolf@gmail.com
Idaho Falls — Sage Lakes – 612-8535 — Gaylen Denning – gaylen@cableone.net
Idaho Falls — Sand Creek – 612-8115 — John Graham – 56flog@gmail.com
Rigby —- Jefferson Hills – 745-0655 — Gary Schroeder – pupschroeder@yahoo.com
Rexburg — Teton Lakes – 359-3036 — Tyson McFarland – Tyson@outlook.com
— Duffy McFarland – pingolf62@netzero.com
Preston — Country Club – 852-2408 — John Van Vleet – jvanvleet@pga.com

Calendar of Monthly Tournaments – “2019”

City ——– Course ——- Date ——– Time

Preston —– Country Club —– May 15, 2019 —– 10:00—– Shotgun Start
Pocatello ——– Riverside ——- June 5, 2019 —— 9:30 —– Shotgun Start
Rigby ——- Jefferson Hills —– June 26, 2019 —– 10:00 —– Shotgun Start
Blackfoot —— Municipal ——– July 10, 2019 —– 9:00 —— Shotgun Start
Idaho Falls —– Pinecrest  —— JULY 31, 2019 —– 10:00 —– Shotgun Start
Pocatello —– Highland ——- August 28, 2019 —— 10:00 —– Shotgun Start
Idaho Falls —— Sandcrest ——- Sept.11, 2019 —— 10:00 —– Shotgun Start